Unconditional support and guidance

I first wanted to work with Nathan in regard to my nutrition in order to balance my diet and motivate me to eat healthier, explore new food options, and experiment to see how I felt eating certain types of food and why.  What I got was a very comprehensive look into the world of nutrition on all levels – physically, mentally,[…]Read This Blog Post

Creating a lifestyle toolbox

I found myself drawn to take Nathan’s transformational Nutritional Coaching process after taking Yoga classes with him on a consistent basis. As a Yoga teacher Nathan emphasizes transition and flow, and transition is exactly what I needed and was struggling with in my life. I was making the switch from professional Poker Player to Yoga Teacher,[…]Read This Blog Post

A commitment worth the effort

Doing self-work always requires a commitment to make it worth the effort. I found that working with Nathan made it easy to stay dedicated to the changes I was trying to make. His work and support helped me to become more aware of the impact my nutrition choices have on every other element of my[…]Read This Blog Post

Strength in body, mind and spirit

The six months that I spent training and doing life coaching with Nathan was a truly inspiring and life changing experience. His work helped me believe in myself again and realize that absolutely anything is possible. The strength I created in body, mind and spirit will travel with me for the rest of my life.[…]Read This Blog Post