Bushido Wellness Institute


Bushidō (武士道), n. “Way of the Warrior” The traditional code of the Japanese samurai, emphasizing consistent ethics and conduct, self-discipline, courage, and simple living.

Holistic (hō-ˈlis-tik) Wellness (well-ness) Upholding that all aspects of people’s needs – physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual – should be taken into account and seen as a whole. Focusing on balancing all facets of life, which includes the individual taking responsibility for maintaining all aspects of their well-being.

Yoga (ˈyōgə) n. “Yoke/Joining/Union” A variety of breath centered mind/body disciplines aimed at training the consciousness toward states of perfect health, deep insight, tranquility, and personal awakening.

Bushido Wellness was started in 2005 as a way for Nathan Mills to offer all of the healing modalities of his interest and study into one integrated practice. Through working with his own physical challenges and working privately with clients over the years using yoga, martial arts, nutrition, touch therapy, and energy work, Nathan has done his best to create a system of self-care that is customizable to each individual to help support their unique needs to create a healthy lifestyle.

nathanwellnessFrom a holistic standpoint, if we take our health and wellness first into our own hands by creating a lifestyle where our values line up with our actions then we create an atmosphere where our body, mind, and spirit can thrive in the continued responsibilities and challenges of daily living.

In order for any of us to thrive, we must be able to recognize where we are out of balance and begin slowly and methodically tipping the scales the other direction until balance and equilibrium are recovered. Whether your challenges are food related, fitness oriented, financial disorganization, relationship difficulties, creative blockages, or over-all dissatisfaction with any area of life this can affect the health, balance, and happiness of any individual.

heatherwellnessAt Bushido Wellness, we also recognize that everyone needs support and assistance at certain times. The mission is to give clients the support they need until they have enough tools to feel confident to do the majority of their self-care on their own.

Even after working through a program,  Nathan offers clients continued support where they need it to maintain equilibrium. Be it yoga therapy, massage, or quarterly nutritional counseling sessions for maintenance Nathan will be there to assist.

We also have a talented group of healers we can refer out to if your needs include a modality of healing we do not currently offer such as acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathy, etc.

japanese-zen-garden (1)Our goal for Bushido Wellness is to improve the world around us by healing it one individual at a time. We believe that through our own individual self-care mentally, physically, and emotionally, we will create a ripple effect that will affect the lives of others. As an organization, our hope is to leave the world in better condition than we arrived in it. We believe life can be fun and enjoyable, and we should thrive and feel our best in the process!