Nutrition & Life Balance Counseling

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What is a Holistic Nutrition and Life Balance Coach?

A nutrition and life balance coach assists you in setting and meeting goals specifically around food and wellness. However, as a “holistic” approach suggests we recognize that no amount of healthy eating will balance out health issues that are coming from other negative environmental influences. Your nutrition is not just what you eat, it is everything you absorb in your daily life (i.e. your eyes, ears, senses, skin, consciousness).

Potential benefits may include but are not limited to:

  • Weight loss and/or management
  • Reducing chronic inflammation in the body (including, joint pain, digestive issues, and chronic skin issues)
  • Regulating moods and mental health
  • More balanced energy throughout the day
  • Creating better long term sustainable habits around food and lifestyle
  • Cultivating healthier relationships at home and work
  • Overall wellness

To assist in the healing process, as well as addressing eating habits, we will help you unravel stuck places & other areas of imbalance in your daily routines and lifestyle.  This may include home and work environment, social and intimate relationships, recreation, physical fitness, and even creativity

You might employ a Holistic Nutritional Counselor if you need assistance with:

  • Learning more healthful ways of eating and easier meal preparation
  • Overcoming out of control cravings
  • Managing blood sugar and allergies
  • To learn to eat healthier without feeling deprived
  • To lose weight or simply feel better physically and have more energy
  • To gain more tools to manage stress and anxiety
  • To improve your communication and interpersonal relationships
  • To learn more about the connection between what you put into your body and brain and how you feel
  • To find clarity, meaning, and purpose in your life, relationships, and work
  • To have continued support while accomplishing your goals

Why Work with Bushido?

Nathan brings a unique combination of knowledge to the table from years of personal experience having battled and overcome many of their own food and lifestyle related health issues and imbalances. He’s been certified as a Holistic Nutritional Counselor. Additionally Nathan continue to revise and adapt their programs through diligent study as more information is uncovered through nutritional science, self-study, and personal relationships with clients.

He has used food and lifestyle changes to overcome and heal his own battles with stress and anxiety, being born with a weak immune system, food addictions, joint and skin inflammation, poor financial habits, and even re-evaluating unhealthy relationships.

Nathan can assist you in finding your ability to create sustainable, long lasting patterns of health and wellness. Whether you are looking to get fit, learn to eat better, or simply feel better by finding life balance He can guide you through a program that fits your individual needs and specific goals to support you in creating the outcome you desire.


How Does It Work?

Nathan is currently offering a one-time 60-75 minute consultation for only $50! (After initial consult, you will receive an email with suggestions based on personal life goals and a future plan.)

You will fill out a health intake form, and we will meet and discuss your needs. If we find that what your looking for is what we have to offer we can discuss the program that will help you meet your needs and goals.

Please be sure to read our Appointment Policies before scheduling your session.


See what past participants have said about working with Nathan:

Strength in body, mind and spirit

The six months that I spent training and doing life coaching with Nathan was a truly inspiring and life changing experience. His work helped me believe in myself again and realize that absolutely anything is possible. The strength I created in body, mind and spirit will travel with me for the rest of my life. No matter your circumstances, working with Nathan will improve your life. I will always be grateful.

Sara Armstrong

Unconditional support and guidance

I first wanted to work with Nathan in regard to my nutrition in order to balance my diet and motivate me to eat healthier, explore new food options, and experiment to see how I felt eating certain types of food and why.  What I got was a very comprehensive look into the world of nutrition on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally/spiritually. It was a willing exploration into the health of my life and lifestyle – from how I use my energy, what practices I can utilize to find peace of mind, uncover what was unsettled in my life and gain wisdom in the journey.

One of the invaluable tools I gained was the ability to understand and approach anxiety when it made an appearance in my life.  To this day, I still think of Nathan and use his teachings in those moments. I also learned a lot in how fantastic I can feel from certain foods, or the opposite, in feeling quite drained or depleted, by the food journals and tempered experiments that Nathan offers.

At the foundation of working with Nathan is the presence that he brings to each meeting.  He is gentle, caring, and supportive while encouraging you to explore questions that are sometimes hard or uncomfortable, and yet it is still an invitation. No rock will be turned over without consent, and I felt like anything that I wanted to bring up in our sessions was completely acceptable and met with enthusiasm to see how we could traverse it.  Nathan brings unconditional support and the teachings of yoga into practice through his natural ability to relate and be fascinated by the human condition. He researched and contemplated what would come up in our sessions and would return the next week with thoughts and/or suggestions.  In addition, he would write up and email detailed, professional, and humorous summaries of our meetings for me to add to my notebook, to reference, and use as a reminder that he is always there to offer support.

Kat O'Toole

Nutritional Coaching & Goal Setting with Heather

As a 60-something woman with arthritis and some chronic pain, I was referred to Heather Wade-Mills (Nathan’s amazing wife) by a mutual acquaintance because I wanted to hit the “reset button” for better nutrition, exercise and also for more discipline in achieving my goals, which included tapping in to my more creative and productive self. I spent almost a year, meeting up with Heather, talking, “hiking”, reading/discussing her support materials, doing exercises, journaling, even cooking together and obtaining a good chef’s knife and containers for all the chopped veggies and healthy food I was preparing. This is a longterm commitment, and I am now on a very good path to a more disciplined and healthy lifestyle — which includes finding time for my art — thanks to Heather.

Jeanne Schapp

A commitment worth the effort

Doing self-work always requires a commitment to make it worth the effort. I found that working with Nathan made it easy to stay dedicated to the changes I was trying to make. His work and support helped me to become more aware of the impact my nutrition choices have on every other element of my life. Over the course of six months, I gained valuable tools to help me maintain the balanced lifestyle I desire for myself. Even now, when life gets off-kilter, I just start from day one. Nathan is a steady practitioner and wants to see his clients succeed in their goals. I am grateful for his guidance and would recommend him to anyone wanting to challenge their norm.

Sara Schneider

Creating a lifestyle toolbox

I found myself drawn to take Nathan’s transformational Nutritional Coaching process after taking Yoga classes with him on a consistent basis. As a Yoga teacher Nathan emphasizes transition and flow, and transition is exactly what I needed and was struggling with in my life. I was making the switch from professional Poker Player to Yoga Teacher, and it was quite a leap indeed… so much so that I felt like I needed some help and guidance to facilitate this life shift for me. Nathan’s program was just the sort of magic that I needed in my life. Through the offering of various tools and suggestions I was able to systematically examine my life in an objective way and to make conscious decisions on what best served me and what to let go of.  We worked on topics ranging from eating and drinking more wholesome products to analyzing my daily habits to relationships with the people in my life.

Throughout I was given excellent constructive advice and feedback on all the issues that I brought to Nathan’s attention. The primary reason that I would recommend this program is that Nathan doesn’t just give you advice, suggestions etc. He offers tangible tools that one can use to effect change in one’s life. Bit by bit I created a toolbox that I will be able to depend upon for the rest of my life when I feel that some change is needed. I am most satisfied with Nathan’s Nutritional Coaching program and with where my life has been ever since.

Michael Shvartsman

Endlessly curious and open-minded

Heather possesses a rare and wonderful constellation of skills that I cannot recommend highly enough. Her knowledge of skincare, wellness, and bodywork is incisive and extensive. At the same time, Heather is also endlessly curious and open-minded. Her breadth of knowledge joins with a warm, radiant, and positive presence that makes learning from her an absolute joy. Her support, focus, and enthusiasm creates a dynamic space for clients and students to unfold and cultivate skills in their own way. As an esthetician, I learned more after two trainings with Heather than I did in my entire formal skincare education. She is a true inspiration!

Jessi Slavich