Portland Monthly, 2015
5 Skin Care Tips for Summer Sun Recovery

“Each season brings it’s own challenges for your skin. This time of year, Portlanders are transitioning out of an exceptionally long summer—which brought with it a lot of oxidative stress to our skin cells from UV radiation, sunscreens, dehydration, air conditioning, more smog than we are accustomed to, and an increased intake of margaritas on sun-drenched patios. Thanks to all that fun in the sun, your skin may look and feel tired, stressed, inflamed, congested, or uneven…Loyly’s holistic skincare expert Heather Wade Mills—who just started offering facials at Loyly’s Northeast location this month—shares five helpful ways to give your skin the support.” it needs this season.


Press_WW_1Willamette Week, Yoga Issue, 2014
Ten yoga classes you didn’t even know existed

“The term ‘bushido’ refers to the honor code of the Japanese samurai, but there’s nothing particularly austere about Nathan Mills’ classes. Mills trained in budokon yoga, a style that draws on the continuous circular rotation of martial arts, and that lineage is clear. His courses, which also draw on qi gong and tai chi, follow a deliberate, meditative flow that’s well-suited to North Portland Yoga’s huge studio space, a lovely brick-walled room in a converted industrial building by the train tracks.”


Press_Mantra_1Manta Magazine, Issue 1, 2013
Portland Yogis: One Thing I Know For Sure

“The one thing I know for sure is that change is inevitable. Success in life cannot be measured by the money we’ve earned, the things we’ve acquired, or notoriety we’ve gained. These things are finite. Success is determined by our adaptability to all life’s circumstances. Happiness is our ability to adapt and thrive no matter what life brings.”