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Creating a lifestyle toolbox

I found myself drawn to take Nathan’s transformational Nutritional Coaching process after taking Yoga classes with him on a consistent basis. As a Yoga teacher Nathan emphasizes transition and flow, and transition is exactly what I needed and was struggling with in my life. I was making the switch from professional Poker Player to Yoga Teacher, and it was quite a leap indeed… so much so that I felt like I needed some help and guidance to facilitate this life shift for me. Nathan’s program was just the sort of magic that I needed in my life. Through the offering of various tools and suggestions I was able to systematically examine my life in an objective way and to make conscious decisions on what best served me and what to let go of.  We worked on topics ranging from eating and drinking more wholesome products to analyzing my daily habits to relationships with the people in my life.

Throughout I was given excellent constructive advice and feedback on all the issues that I brought to Nathan’s attention. The primary reason that I would recommend this program is that Nathan doesn’t just give you advice, suggestions etc. He offers tangible tools that one can use to effect change in one’s life. Bit by bit I created a toolbox that I will be able to depend upon for the rest of my life when I feel that some change is needed. I am most satisfied with Nathan’s Nutritional Coaching program and with where my life has been ever since.