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Unconditional support and guidance

I first wanted to work with Nathan in regard to my nutrition in order to balance my diet and motivate me to eat healthier, explore new food options, and experiment to see how I felt eating certain types of food and why.  What I got was a very comprehensive look into the world of nutrition on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally/spiritually. It was a willing exploration into the health of my life and lifestyle – from how I use my energy, what practices I can utilize to find peace of mind, uncover what was unsettled in my life and gain wisdom in the journey.

One of the invaluable tools I gained was the ability to understand and approach anxiety when it made an appearance in my life.  To this day, I still think of Nathan and use his teachings in those moments. I also learned a lot in how fantastic I can feel from certain foods, or the opposite, in feeling quite drained or depleted, by the food journals and tempered experiments that Nathan offers.

At the foundation of working with Nathan is the presence that he brings to each meeting.  He is gentle, caring, and supportive while encouraging you to explore questions that are sometimes hard or uncomfortable, and yet it is still an invitation. No rock will be turned over without consent, and I felt like anything that I wanted to bring up in our sessions was completely acceptable and met with enthusiasm to see how we could traverse it.  Nathan brings unconditional support and the teachings of yoga into practice through his natural ability to relate and be fascinated by the human condition. He researched and contemplated what would come up in our sessions and would return the next week with thoughts and/or suggestions.  In addition, he would write up and email detailed, professional, and humorous summaries of our meetings for me to add to my notebook, to reference, and use as a reminder that he is always there to offer support.