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Tap directly into the “dark” areas

Dark Yoga is indispensable for those who want take the journey within. I found this workshop to be a portal to self without any shortcuts. Unsettling, challenging and mysterious, this experience allowed me to tap directly into the ‘dark’ or suppressed areas that I’ve allowed due to social agreements, false sense of self, or simply choosing dead ends along my path. There is an invitation of going straight to the source as well as a profound sense of coming home.

Through the use of Nathan’s expertly guided meditation, the workshop facilitates an awakening of the dormant yet potent aspect of true self. Dark Yoga is literally dark. We do carefully chosen asanas in pitch black, and conversely, Dark Yoga is truly illuminating – we have the opportunity to face oursleves. The experience can have a lasting effect for months in terms of un-peeling the layers. I would recommend this workshop to be taken as many times as possible!