Timely and genuine encouragement

I came to this practice with no yoga or martial arts in my background. The journey has been one of patience, perseverance and humility as I learn to accept the immense value of small steps and small beginnings. One of the things I’ve learned to deeply appreciate about working with Nathan is his keen awareness[…]Read This Blog Post

Creating a lifestyle toolbox

I found myself drawn to take Nathan’s transformational Nutritional Coaching process after taking Yoga classes with him on a consistent basis. As a Yoga teacher Nathan emphasizes transition and flow, and transition is exactly what I needed and was struggling with in my life. I was making the switch from professional Poker Player to Yoga Teacher,[…]Read This Blog Post

Strength in body, mind and spirit

The six months that I spent training and doing life coaching with Nathan was a truly inspiring and life changing experience. His work helped me believe in myself again and realize that absolutely anything is possible. The strength I created in body, mind and spirit will travel with me for the rest of my life.[…]Read This Blog Post