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Nathan’s practice is a game changer

As a single Mom with a big career, I am constantly running. Often working on adrenaline to get it all done. As a former athlete, it is central to my being to have a physical outlet…to have
goals and to allow my body to move. As a chronic pain patient, I need to be reminded that pain doesn’t have to limit my joy in movement. Nathan’s practice and teachings have made a difference in all three.

His breath work slows everything in my body. It releases the adrenaline, allows me to regroup, and be a better Mom, employee and person. His pacing allows my body to ease into the poses and to be challenged…but only if my breath extends that invitation. His personal experience with pain and the fact that you still have an active practice is normalizing and very inspiring.

It’s been a game changer, and for that I am grateful. Thank you so much!