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Workshop inspired words…

mine are eyes of darkness
around and surrounding, I feel the earth’s breath
this silent night’s air that offers nothing but that, is what I feed on
to walk, to move, to stare…into more of what I was unaware of…
a black hole has the utmost in depth…and such unknowing distance
its presence, is most fearsome and forces this blackness to expose what I’ve sold through these eyes…
the unforgiving and venomous mind….messenger of lies

to step forward is to trust the one I’d rather not….myself
to turn and twist with each flex of my lungs taunts resistance
I place my foot and fall
with no vision, no bottom can grab me….why do I fail to see this?
I float down and want to accept such freedom…sighting its value
the conditions inside counter with opinions
sickened and ready to pretend as parachute

letting go of limbs, amidst barren and spacious settings, letting the feeling of falling occur
bleeding my false light
in mid-air
absorbing this call….painted without numbers, without light, without sight….
I’ve come to know, this is how one grows…..
buried in our own earth is who we need to unearth….if we open our hearts and breath, with no distraction, no sun, nothing to set on…
the surrounding beauty around us….the dark which brings us such light
forcing of us back inside…