The Art of Transition


Come heighten your awareness with Nathan, practicing and exploring the beautiful subtleties within the art of transition.

In his late 20’s, Nathan began slowing down both his vinyasa yoga and his martial arts practice and observing on a physical and energetic level what he refers to as the “postures between the postures.”

Nathan explains, “We often miss these subtleties because of practicing too quickly or being too focused on an outcome.”

In this workshop, using Yogic Asana as the foundation, participants will play with some of the finer energetic subtleties of moving their bodies with intention, grace, and power. Using the principles of Prana and also of Chi (Qi), we will learn to pay attention to our movements from both the subtle tiny transitions to the larger macro movements of the body. We will also delve into the neurological implications of the choices we make – from the microcosm to the macrocosm including the way you move, all the way to the nutrients you put into your body. We will explore how these choices affect our health and wellbeing, physically and emotionally.

Learn to pay attention and transition artfully through life.



See what past participants have said about The Art of Transition:

Living in the moment/movement

The concept of ‘living in the moment’ is a compelling theme, especially in a fast-paced, modernized yet fragmented reality. The fact that the words ‘moment’ and ‘movement’ come from the same root dawned on me as I moved through this workshop. Making this important connection came easily while participating in the Art of Transition. Through Nathan’s use of fine-tuning awareness and the practice of patience throughout yogic asanas, I was able to reconnect instantly with the joy of the journey. The exploration of no fixed end point also helped me to tap into contained energy (or chi) and experience a sense of enhanced grace and strength. Nathan guides in such an effective way that the practice seems to transcend the physical mat almost effortlessly!

The accompanying exercises and lecture also provide tools to peel the layers of false ideas of self while inviting authenticity to emerge. Health, as it relates to nutrition, is presented in a digestible and non-dogmatic way and viewed as the restoration of balance coming principally from within and extending beyond — essentially all that we absorb in our relationships, work, the environment…   Nathan possesses a rare combination of personal wisdom, superior knowledge and masterful techniques that integrates compassion, playfulness and purpose. This workshop walks the talk!

Jennifer Niemeck