Healing Anxiety

I practiced yoga with Nathan for a year and a half and absolutely loved it. I actually have an anxiety disorder, so it was very healing having him come into the office during the weekdays. The things I learned with him are things I will carry with me for life. If you are looking for[…]Read This Blog Post

Releasing old patterns

Nathan has been working with me one-on-one with massage and yoga therapy for close to a year. He guides me through certain yoga poses to target areas of my body where I feel pain, tightness, stress, or old trauma and gives my body feedback with his massage techniques. After our yoga session, we move to[…]Read This Blog Post

Heather and Nathan: A complete team

My husband and I have been receiving regular massages from Heather for several years now, and I can’t say enough good things about her. She is experienced, sensitive, responsive, and a pleasure to interact with in all aspects. I’ve had massages in many different places over the years and none compare! She has the ability[…]Read This Blog Post

Nathan is the best!

Nathan is absolutely the most connected, aware, and intuitive yoga instructor I’ve ever experienced. It’s an honor to be his student.

Taking it off the mat…

Nathan’s teaching has taught me an approach to take into every class that is so much more helpful than I could have imagined! In addition, of course, into everything beyond the mat as well. His technique is different than anything else that I have experienced and is so uniquely and efficiently distilled into a moment-to-moment[…]Read This Blog Post

Timely and genuine encouragement

I came to this practice with no yoga or martial arts in my background. The journey has been one of patience, perseverance and humility as I learn to accept the immense value of small steps and small beginnings. One of the things I’ve learned to deeply appreciate about working with Nathan is his keen awareness[…]Read This Blog Post