Wonderful instructor with great knowledge and personality

Nathan has been instructing yoga at our firm for several years and has become a valued member and friend. Nathan not only has a wealth of knowledge in yoga, alternative medicine, and massage therapy, but he has a wonderful personality that makes our yoga practices so enjoyable. Nathan always tailors our yoga sessions to accommodate[…]Read This Blog Post

Healing Anxiety

I practiced yoga with Nathan for a year and a half and absolutely loved it. I actually have an anxiety disorder, so it was very healing having him come into the office during the weekdays. The things I learned with him are things I will carry with me for life. If you are looking for[…]Read This Blog Post

Bringing wellness to our team

Nathan is a talented yoga instructor and massage therapist. Our team looks forward to seeing him every week, and his ability to use all of his skills — nutritional coaching, massage, yoga, martial arts, and more — to help individuals with whatever their wellness needs are is fantastic and much appreciated. Oh, and he’s just[…]Read This Blog Post

Reducing stress in the workplace

I first met Nathan through classes he taught at several Portland yoga studios. His classes were uniquely centering compared to other teachers I’d experienced, and he clearly stood out as exceptional amongst other instructions. My business partner and I run a successful and growing family law litigation practice in Portland. It can be intense and[…]Read This Blog Post