Anatomy of Pranayama

Pranayama (breath) is one of the most potent ways to affect and change the state of the human system. Yet, there is almost no education in Western culture about ways to improve or alter your breath to improve health. There is also so much misleading information about the “correct” way to breath that most people just glaze over at the overwhelming nature of pranayama or injure themselves practicing to much all at once.

Diaphragm_In_Ex-visualsIn this workshop, we will hopefully simplify all of that. We will look at the breath from an anatomical standpoint from a few different teachers including Leslie Kaminof’s interpretation of breath and diaphragm anatomy. We will then look at some different philosophies and interpretations of “correct” execution of technique.

During the whole workshop, we will safely explore some of the different ways in which we can alter the breath both in stillness and while in movement.

Part lecture and part experience, anyone who has been interested in how to get in touch with their breathing a little more and clear up some of the confusion, illusions, and misconceptions people may have about their own breathing will enjoy this workshop.

Come explore your breath in a fun and safe environment!

Note: There are more advanced versions of this workshop for teacher training programs who are interested in continued education vs. the general public. In the more advanced versions, we will discuss more details like ratios and possible therapeutic applications of pranayama.

“Knowledge and information without experience is useless. Knowledge and information with experience is obvious.”