Penetrating past the skin…

My skin has long been a source of self-judgment. The acne on my face has held me back socially – it has kept me from holding eye contact, or from just feeling comfortable….in my skin. It’s even hard for me to seek help because I’m embarrassed. Though I’ve been to a few aestheticians and dermatologists[…]Read This Blog Post

Endlessly curious and open-minded

Heather possesses a rare and wonderful constellation of skills that I cannot recommend highly enough. Her knowledge of skincare, wellness, and bodywork is incisive and extensive. At the same time, Heather is also endlessly curious and open-minded. Her breadth of knowledge joins with a warm, radiant, and positive presence that makes learning from her an[…]Read This Blog Post

Heather and Nathan: A complete team

My husband and I have been receiving regular massages from Heather for several years now, and I can’t say enough good things about her. She is experienced, sensitive, responsive, and a pleasure to interact with in all aspects. I’ve had massages in many different places over the years and none compare! She has the ability[…]Read This Blog Post

A beautiful experience

Heather has magic hands and a warm heart. Her knowledge of skin care is extensive, and her facials are replenishing and delightful experiences. I have complete trust in her ability to give my skin what it needs, and she is always learning, adding to her knowledge and sharing with others as a colleague and as[…]Read This Blog Post