Nathan is special

Nathan is special: genuine, unassuming, and I’ve witnessed the smile in other teachers’ eyes at the mention of his name. Nathan naturally expresses the artful qualities of a master teacher and healer. He’s the real deal.

Wonderful instructor with great knowledge and personality

Nathan has been instructing yoga at our firm for several years and has become a valued member and friend. Nathan not only has a wealth of knowledge in yoga, alternative medicine, and massage therapy, but he has a wonderful personality that makes our yoga practices so enjoyable. Nathan always tailors our yoga sessions to accommodate[…]Read This Blog Post

Healing Anxiety

I practiced yoga with Nathan for a year and a half and absolutely loved it. I actually have an anxiety disorder, so it was very healing having him come into the office during the weekdays. The things I learned with him are things I will carry with me for life. If you are looking for[…]Read This Blog Post

Workshop inspired words…

mine are eyes of darkness around and surrounding, I feel the earth’s breath this silent night’s air that offers nothing but that, is what I feed on to walk, to move, to stare…into more of what I was unaware of… a black hole has the utmost in depth…and such unknowing distance its presence, is most[…]Read This Blog Post