Skin Care

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Heather Wade believes her job as an Aesthetician is to be your guide through the overwhelming world of skin care and give you easy, customized prescriptions for simple daily care that will keep you on track throughout the changing seasons, your shifting hormones, and environmental stresses. In her facial treatments, though she does give great guidance and education, she places a lot of emphasis on taking her clients to a deep state of relaxation where the healing and regeneration really happens.

cms_evanhealy_how_the_skin_worksHer facials are a profoundly relaxing experience that often includes lymphatic stimulation techniques, balancing acupressure points, craniosacral techniques and emphasizes massage for the face, neck, shoulders, and scalp to encourage healthy blood flow and circulation. Each facial is customized to the client’s individual skin condition and challenges using therapeutic organic skin care products that are nutrient dense, minimally processed and simple for the skin to utilize. They are chosen for their ability to heal, repair and prevent damage to the skin cells. You can read more about the products used in her practice at

Heather offers continuing education workshops and personal mentoring for estheticians who seek to refresh or deepen their understanding of holistic skin care. She covers topics including understanding hormonal fluctuations in the skin, how to assist inflammatory skin conditions (rosacea, excema, psoriasis, and acne) from the inside out, techniques for specialized treatments to enhance the therapeutic value of the treatments. If you would like to be on her mailing list for the next available workshop, please email Heather at

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Or, to book a massage with Heather Wednesday-Friday, you can go online at or call the front desk at (503) 236-6850.

See what past clients are saying about Heather’s skin care:

Endlessly curious and open-minded

Heather possesses a rare and wonderful constellation of skills that I cannot recommend highly enough. Her knowledge of skincare, wellness, and bodywork is incisive and extensive. At the same time, Heather is also endlessly curious and open-minded. Her breadth of knowledge joins with a warm, radiant, and positive presence that makes learning from her an absolute joy. Her support, focus, and enthusiasm creates a dynamic space for clients and students to unfold and cultivate skills in their own way. As an esthetician, I learned more after two trainings with Heather than I did in my entire formal skincare education. She is a true inspiration!

Jessi Slavich

A beautiful experience

Heather has magic hands and a warm heart. Her knowledge of skin care is extensive, and her facials are replenishing and delightful experiences. I have complete trust in her ability to give my skin what it needs, and she is always learning, adding to her knowledge and sharing with others as a colleague and as a teacher. Heather is a compassionate being who serves her clients with grace and intelligence and, as a result, has a very loyal clientele. I feel very fortunate to have found her a few years ago!

Erica Goldman

Penetrating past the skin…

My skin has long been a source of self-judgment. The acne on my face has held me back socially – it has kept me from holding eye contact, or from just feeling comfortable….in my skin. It’s even hard for me to seek help because I’m embarrassed. Though I’ve been to a few aestheticians and dermatologists over the years, I have never experienced anything like the care I receive from Heather. It feels like balm for my soul. Her calm, her warm acceptance, and her willingness to share from her own experience, let me know that she’s with me and not looking down on me from above. She works smoothly and seamlessly. With eyes closed and face covered, I’ve sometimes felt with others the shock of cold hands or a surprise touch near my eye that gives me a jolt. With Heather there’s never a surprise, never a stray drip, and it seems no detail is missed. Her work penetrates far past the skin, deep into my nervous system. It is my most relaxing hour of the month. And though I thought it would never happen, I’m delighted to say my skin has never been clearer.

Jeannie C.

Heather and Nathan: A complete team

My husband and I have been receiving regular massages from Heather for several years now, and I can’t say enough good things about her. She is experienced, sensitive, responsive, and a pleasure to interact with in all aspects. I’ve had massages in many different places over the years and none compare! She has the ability to read what your body needs, listen to what you want, and the skill to deliver just that. Massage with her is something we look forward to each month. I’ve had a number of injuries and she is wonderful and respectful in how to give a massage that aids in healing. I have also had a series of one-on-one yoga sessions with Nathan following back surgery, and he helped me craft a routine that was therapeutic and meditative. He has a fantastic ability to really listen and meet you exactly where you are, which for me was a beginner level and for the first time I began to understand why breath was so important and how to begin to practice with it. I also loved how he explains the philosophy, intent, and mechanics behind what he is teaching, melding mind and body. They will be a truly inspiring team to work with!

Marcia Wood