Massage Therapy


Nathan Mills has frequently used massage as a tool to help heal his own body. When he had his first surgery at 12 years old, a massage therapist nursed his leg back to health after an unprofessional physical therapist harmed him.

After years of referring his yoga clients out to other massage therapists – and living with a massage therapist for six years – Nathan finally decided to get a License to do body work. Nathan graduated from East West College as an LMT in 2015.

He is fascinated by body structure and anatomy and loves helping others find ease and comfort in their structure though therapeutic touch.
Some of the specific services Nathan offers are in office chair massage and at home table massage combining structural and therapeutic relaxation massage.

Nathan also offers body work sessions in conjunction with yoga therapy sessions that includes a personalized yoga followed by therapeutic massage.

Nathan Mills: LMT# 21829  |  Heather Wade: LMT# 2488



To book a massage with Heather, you can go online at or call the front desk at (503) 236-6850.


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